Posted by Andreas Runggatscher
Prayers for Silvio
Patrick Amori, son of our respected member Silvio Amori, contacted me this week to let us know of Silvio's peaceful passing on September 25 in Pasadena, California where Silvio had recently moved to be closer to his son's family.
        rememberance by Andreas inside.

Memories of Silvio
Silvio passed away peacefully on September 25, 2019 in Pasadena, California where he had recently moved to be closer to his son's family.

Silvio was a special member, who took a fond interest in Rotary even when his health no longer allowed for him to come to the meetings. He was Past President (2002-2003) and Chair of Trustees of the New York Rotary Foundation). He chaired the National Day of Italy for many years. He was also an integral part of the Italians in New York City and member of several related organizations. He was known for his witty humor and undeniable high intelligence.

Silvio was a personal friend of mine as well and I feel blessed to have sent him a long letter just a few week's prior to his passing, where I shared my feelings of friendship with him. He responded with a very nice letter back to me and Patrick told me that my outreach "meant the world" to him.

I am glad that I had still the chance to convey to him how important our friendship was.

If you knew Silvio please feel free to reach out to his wife Margaretha at 917-721-6924.

Let us pray for Silvio and his family.

In sadness,