Following our Lead
RC Gabrovo has already begun following RCNY's lead after Pres. Jasmin Cowin's visit just a month ago. They set up a series of Club Walks to create Rotary awareness
    letter & photos inside.

Letter from Bobby Stoykov of RC Gabrovo

Dear Jasmin,

I hope everything is OK with you and you keep going strong.

The national events on the 140th anniversary of Shipka Pass battles - a part of our Liberation War 1877-1878 - were held a week ago. (You visited the monument with Kolyo at the Shipka Peak on your way to Sofia.)

On the occasion our club organized four walking tours similar to your project activities. Rotarians acted as guides and leaders.

          First tour - northern slope of the mountain - 8.5 km covered by 162 persons

           Second tour - shorter, northern slope again - 5.2 km, 14 persons

 Third tour - southern slope of the mountain - 8.4 km, 53 persons with DG 2017/18 leading

   Fourth tour - along the mountain ridge west-eastward - 11 km, 38 persons

           The President of the Republic of Bulgaria who has taken part in the
                           second tour with children participants.

After the official part, Rotarians of 8 Clubs had a fantastic high-mountain lunch party - rakiya included.

I'll be glad to hear from you.

Best wishes,