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Rotary's Fourth Avenue of Service
RCNY's International Service Division holds monthly informal meetings, to exchange information and opportunities. Our May 10 meeting featured the Rotary Nomads (Rotary E-Club of Australia Nomads) and Matt Gerber - Nonprofit, CSR & Corporate Philanthropy Consultant. 
    photo and some shared info inside.

Rotary's Fourth Avenue of Service

RCNY ISD holds regular monthly informal meetings, to exchange information and opportunities -- here's a photo from the RCNY ISD meeting of Thursday May 10, 2018.

L to R: Matt Gerber, Youssef Bahammi, and Malika Abrous of The Rotary Club of New York; Gaylene Tripp, Rotary E-Club of Australia Nomads; John L. German, Chair, International Service Division, The Rotary Club of New York; K. V. Subramanian, Club President 2014-2015, Rotary Club of New Bombay Seaside, India.

Visiting Rotarians and guests are welcome, invited, and encouraged to attend and participate in our RCNY ISD meetings, whether or not they have projects they want to tell us about that they have done or plan to do or would like to do.

RCNY ISD meets immediately after the 1 pm adjournment of the regular weekly RCNY luncheon, at the same venue, at The Union League Club, 38 East 37th Street at Park Avenue in Manhattan, New York City.

The last RCNY ISD regular monthly informal meeting during this Rotary year 2017-2018 will take place on Thursday June 14, 2018.

Looking forward to seeing you then, or during the coming Rotary year 2018-2019.

Rotary Nomads (Rotary E-Club of Australia Nomads)

Rotary Nomads is a form of Rotary that was completely new to all of us at the RCNY ISD meeting -- a Rotary Club that's organized as an E-Club but meets at other Rotary Clubs.

Gaylene Tripp, Rotary E-Club of Australia Nomads, told the RCNY ISD meeting about Rotary Nomads:

We are a member of Rotary International but instead of meeting face-to-face each week like more traditional clubs, we meet online using free, easy to use software. Our members do service work and enjoy fellowship with other members while travelling, or in the towns/cities they live in or at our frequent “club musters” at different locations around Australia. Our members come from a wide variety of home bases - many have RVs and travel frequently both in Australia and overseas. Several members are the partners of members in “traditional Rotary Clubs”. Owning an RV is not necessary to join the Rotary Nomads - if you are a community minded person who likes to lend a hand, the Rotary Nomads may be for you.
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Gaylene Tripp told us she'd be happy to send us more information about Rotary Nomads, and about her reliable fundraising / funraising / friendraising / crowdraising success making donuts at Rotary events and at other events.

In case you're wondering how you managed to miss her at the RCNY luncheon, you didn't -- a friend of hers from The Union League Club taking her on a tour of The Union League Club came to the Grant Room just as we were starting the RCNY ISD meeting; we cheerfully welcomed them to attend the RCNY ISD meeting as our mystery guests, and were amply rewarded by their enthusiastic participation and great contributions to the RCNY ISD meeting.


Matt Gerber Nonprofit, CSR & Corporate Philanthropy Consultant

Recalling your emphasis on Rotary as a connector to the business sector, I hope that you will get together with Matt Gerber ASAP and hatch some really ambitious plans for RCNY.

Hi Gaylene (et al),

It was a pleasure to meet you (and the other Rotarians!) at the Rotary Club of NY yesterday.
It would be an honor to virtually attend one of your club’s e-meetings. Safe travels home!

In service,

Matt Gerber

Nonprofit, CSR & Corporate Philanthropy Consultant
(+1) 503-260-6905 - -


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