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Here’s a report on this year’s RYLA Youth Camp by Onuri Smith, one of seven Interact members representing Bermuda from his own point of view. It was previously published in The Royal Gazette, Bermuda.
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    published April 30, 2019
    Inspiring us to make the world a better place
    Onuri Smith, student, Warwick Academy, Bermuda

After being one of the of seven Rotary Interact Members chosen along with three advisers to represent Bermuda, we checked in at the Alpine Scout Camp, with a strong sense of anticipation for what the RYLA experience would be like.

As we embarked on this dynamic and inspiring weekend, we were enthusiastically welcomed into the conference room.

Icebreakers began until all of the Rotary Youth and advisers arrived at the lodge. The compact weekend enabled all of us to quickly develop friendships.

During the weekend, we were enlightened by various informative and interactive speakers that discussed vital leadership skills, critical thinking, and even mental health. One of the most inspiring activities for me was the culture walk on the first day.

All of the campers were told to quietly stand on one side of the room and to walk over the line if the statement resonated with personal experiences. It began with chattering and laughing but quickly became emotional and comforting for many.

Many teens began to discuss issues such as mental health, suicide, depression, bullying, sexual assault, societal expectations, and poverty.

In a strange way, I felt so connected and empowered by all the experiences shared.

We were split into our family groups, consisting of eight people per group and reflected after our activities and speakers.

Fun evenings heightened the weekend, like the toilet paper fashion show, which I won!

We enjoyed rock climbing, bonfires, karaoke, and various other team-building games.

We had the opportunity to network with Rotarians across New York, including Kris Chittur, the district 7230 governor and developed friendships that will last a lifetime. I can proudly say that my weekend at RYLA has been so inspiring. It taught me to value differences and those around you.

The weekend gave me leadership skills I’m happy to harness here in Bermuda.

The experience taught me to use the Rotary 4-way test in everything I do. Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Most importantly, RYLA has created a platform for all of the attendees to be fearless in our pursuit of making this world a better place.

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Here's a Look

Greg Soars (Advisor), Sha-Lae Richardson, Onuri Smith, Cailey Longworth, Aisling Homan,
Chance Anthony, Jaden Smith, Jean Akol (Advisor), Fatima Pervez (Advisor), Morgan Mederios

Participants had fun rock climbing

Toilet paper fashion show participants

Camp Dining Hall.

LEGO team building activity challenged the group to replicate the original display.

Team-building fun

family group discussions