Posted by Ilka Ann Woerner
Rotary Exchange Students
Between Sep 8th & 12th, thirteen former Rotary Youth Exchange Students got together in NYC to celebrate their 30 year reunion, remembering the Rotary Tour Around the USA, Jul 1988. Celebrations started at The German School of Manhattan with a welcome breakfast sponsored by the Rotary Club of New York. 
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Former Rotary Exchange Students Celebrate Their 30 Year Reunion in NYC

The former Rotary Youth Exchange Students 1987-1988 were in attendance from seven different countries. (Italy) Mrs. Esther Cavini, Mrs. Francesca Meloni and Mr. Pietro Garofalo. (Brazil) Mrs. Mailú Brasil, Mrs. Adriana Monaco, Mrs. Renata Costa and Mr. Marcelo Zeppelini. (Germany) Mrs. Ilka Ann Wörner and Mrs. Tina Grieben Gräfe. (Australia) Mr. Andrew Robertson. (Belgium) Mrs. Ann Claesen. (Chile) Mrs. Veronica Montenegro. (Japan) Mrs. Hisayo Terauchi.

The celebrations for the 30 Year Reunion of the Rotary Tour Around the USA 1988 began in the German School of Manhattan. The Rotary Club of New York sponsored the welcome breakfast which was followed by several fun activities around the city of New York. Thanks to the Rotary Exchange Student Program the former exchange students have promoted peace and understanding between nations. The exchage year that each person experienced left an imprint in each of them that brings back the most fondest memories that were relived during this reunion.

    Ilka Ann Woerner