Valentina Buj de Lauwerier - UNICEF

TOPIC: "World Strategy to Combat  Malaria, Leaving No One Behind "

Valentina has been with UNICEF since 2008.  Initially as Global Malaria and Health Partnerships Advisor in the Health Section, Programme Division, she joined the Public Partnerships Division in 2022 as the team leader for the Public Sector Engagement Hub.
Prior to joining UNICEF, she worked for the WHO’s Global Malaria Programme, the International Rescue Committee, the International Organization on Migration and the United Nations Development Programme.
In her roles to date, she has worked across the entire spectrum of development (and on occasion humanitarian) programming as well as working extensively with partnerships such as the Global Fund, the World Bank, the US President’s Malaria Initiative, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and many others.
Valentina is a proud citizen of Mexico as well as the US; is married to Steven a passionate fighter for children’s rights and is the mother of two Belgo-Mexicans, Teo and Lena.
"Malaria remains the third largest infectious disease killer of children in the post-neonatal period despite being completely preventable and treatable. Every minute, a child under five dies of Malaria. The disease causes almost 1 in every 10 deaths of children worldwide – a staggering more than 475,000 every year. Overall, more than 30 million children are estimated to be infected with the deadliest form of malaria in sub-Saharan Africa. The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted malaria services which led to 14 million more malaria cases and 69,000 more deaths."