Insights on UN Blue Helmets Peacekeepers
On Sep 18 we held our first UN International Breakfast following our summer breaks. Featured was Nedialko Kostov, Special Asst. in the Dept. of Peacekeeping Operations at the UN Secretariat, who gave us insights on the Blue Helmets, a UN peacekeeping group.
    Read a report and share pictures of the meeting inside.

RCNY International Breakfast at the UN
Report by Andreas Runggatscher

On September 18, 2019 Rotary Club of New York, Club #6 held its first International Breakfast at the UN after our summer break. Under the leadership of President Larry Cohen, the Chairwomanship of the Breakfast by Jasmin Cowin and moderation by PP Helen Reisler we were off to a great start with a wonderful speaker, Nedialko Kostov. He gave us insights on the Blue Helmets, a UN peacekeeping group through a Power Point presentation. (link below) Q & A ranged from budget questions to country ratio inquiries as well as to how many blue helmets lose their lives serving. The USA, China and Brazil have the largest contributions with approximately 25% going to the UN (2.5 billion for Blue Helmets but 6.8 Billion for Peacekeeping overall). A relatively small amount of UN soldiers die each year, currently the most dangerous area is Bali.

Several visitors honored us from Argentina, Australia, Mexico as well as from Kansas City


Photos from the Meeting

View Nedialko Kostov's PowerPoint presentation from the meeting:

Please note that you must have PowerPoint installed to view it.