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Our speaker for this meeting will be Phyllis Frankfort Perillo, President & CEO of Working In Support of Education (W!se). W!se develops financial literacy and readiness for college and careers for young people and adults primarily in low to middle income communities.
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Phyllis Frankfort Perillo

Phyllis Frankfort Perillo is President & CEO of Working In Support of Education (w!se) and Chair of the New York Financial Literacy Coalition. Perillo has 30 years as a non-profit chief officer and is noted for her success in designing award-winning programs. As an educational and nonprofit CEO, her passion is being a change agent.

In 1998, Perillo established Working in Support of Education, a national not-for-profit to improve financial literacy, and readiness for college and the workplace. Each year, w!se initiatives impact more than 180,000 young people and adults primarily in low to middle income communities. Perillo developed a suite of financial education initiatives. MoneyW!se prepares survivors of domestic violence for a life of financial wellness. Her Certification for Personal Finance Instructors is offered to educators in 37 states and the Financial Literacy Certification program for high schools is offered in 48 states preparing high school and college students to manage their personal finances and earn their CFL (Certified Financially Literate) by passing a widely recognized national test. Each year, in April, her national ranking of the 100 Best W!se High Schools Teaching Personal Finance is announced. To prepare young people for college and careers, Perillo created the w!se Institute and the Quality of Life INNOVATIONS research program and competition. Nine years ago, Perillo worked with the Delegation of the European Union to the United States to develop a Euro Challenge now offered in 17 states.

In 1993, Perillo founded the first public High School of Economics & Finance. In 1981, she introduced finance as a high school career focus through her innovative Academy of Finance, followed by an Academy of Travel & Tourism. These Academies led to her founding the National Academy Foundation in 1989. Her career, that began as a high school educator, led to being an administrator, licensed Principal, and a curriculum specialist for the Chancellor of the NYC Department of Education.

Perillo holds a B.A. and M.A. from New York University and a Certificate in Management from Yale University. Her work has been recognized by the media and in national publications. Perillo is on the Board of Governors for the Columbus Citizens Foundation.


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