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The Adventure Ted Project
Here's a letter from Thomas Head letting us know that his book, Adventure Ted: Night At The Enchanted Theme Park, is now available for purchase. You can help the Children by giving lots of his book for Christmas!
        more about the project & where to buy inside.

Good morning Andreas,

Hope all has been well this holiday season! My team and I are getting ready to head down to Disney this week with our local families battling childhood cancer.

As I mentioned to the club on the day of my reading, The Adventure Ted project combined with the Rotary Grant is responsible for the funds raised to help send our current families to Disney (as well as future families). The book released on Amazon this week. It is an adventure story created to inspire children & their families to overcome challenges. A big part of the inspiration to write the book, was my experience through NY Rotary (which I mentioned in the Author bio on the dust jacket). Adventure Ted: Night At The Enchanted Theme Park is a large hardcover book with illustrations that are absolute eye candy. Makes a perfect coffee table book. (avilable on Amazon).

Profits of this book raise money for childhood related causes, including Childhood Cancer Society. It will be responsible for the support we provide families at local hospitals in the coming year as well as sending more families battling childhood cancer to GKTW Disney. So far we have raised enough to send 5 families on the most VIP Disney/Universal Theme Park Vacation Experience in the world this holiday season (and even more will be scheduled in 2020).

The book is perfect for children (and even adults) of all ages. At $19.95 on Amazon Prime, it makes for a great & convenient stocking stuffer this holiday season. Attached are the book summary and brief bio to provide context. It is my intention to have a reading and donate copies of the book to all of the children in Pediatric Oncology & Hematology at a TBD date/time in January/February at several NYC hospitals after the holidays. This will make a GREAT service project for our members as well as Rotaractors. For now, we are asking people to purchase, review, & spread the word:

       Available on

Thanks for your help & support. Looking forward to helping many more of your families in 2020!



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