Subsequent Events
Outreach to current and former members is most valuable in Rotary. Read this encouraging note from former member David Stillman to our President Jasmin B. Cowin about good results following her inauguration last July
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Letter from David Stillman, PhD - Executive Director Public-Private Alliance Foundation

Dear Jasmin,

Thanks again for inviting me to your recent inauguration as Rotary Club 6 President. I thought you might like to have the attached photo and to learn some of the results of that event.

In a conversation before the meeting I had the opportunity to invite Belinda Miles to a UN Association of the USA seminar that my wife Ginger was organizing on the subject "Freedoms of Speech and Assembly and Youth Leaving Foster Care." She said she would try to put it on her calendar. When she learned from Ginger that Ruth Hassell-Thompson (former NYS Senator and now working for Gov Cuomo) would be there, she made sure to come and actively participate. It turns out that the two of them are working on arrangements for young people of various circumstances to attend Westchester Community College and get housing & support there.

It was an important and successful seminar, with plans made to take it further. It is actually the fourth annual event on race, criminal justice and human rights that Ginger has led, bringing together 30 to 40 experts in their own fields to focus on US relations to, and obligations and performance under, the UN human rights treaties in which our country participates.

Also I should mention that in a follow-up call with some UNA leaders here in NYC I made mention of the cards with the Rotary 4-Way Test that you provided to those at your lunch. For those on the call, who were not already familiar with Rotary, it really hit the spot.

Best regards,