Thanks for Your Support
Spicer Khakoo is a Rotary member and head of this charity, which is a response to the global water crisis. They're a community committed to providing clean water for children in underdeveloped parts of the world. Spicer sends us a letter and an intensive update about their activities.
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Spicer Khakoo's Letter

Good morning fellow Rotarians,

Hope you're doing very well. As always thank you so much for your continued dedication and support for the Clean Water For Children Project.

We were in India from Feb 10th through Feb 21st, for our yearly mission trip. We visited the Villages with Well #2 and Well #6, the villagers were so grateful for our contribution. We also distributed 12 tree saplings to the villagers at Well #2 and Well #6.

Pranabesh Maiti and Urmi Basu, our partners in India accompanied us to the villages.

We also attended a breakfast meeting with the Rotary Club Of Calcutta Chowrenghee, our Rotary Club partners.

Urmi and the Rotary Club have committed to 10 more Wells by end of May 2018, which will bring our total to 17 Wells by end of May 2018.That is 17,000 children, women and men having access to clean water.

Please share the update with your colleagues, friends and family. We would love to share our progress at one of the Rotary meetings.

Much gratitude on behalf of the villagers.

of service,