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New York
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Anna Szczepanek

Executive Director for Penta Medical Recycling


Jeffrey Woolverton
Director of Development for Penta Medical Recycling

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Penta Medical Recycling was founded by university students in 2016 to bring affordable prosthetic care to low-and middle-income countries while repurposing what would otherwise be considered medical waste in the United States.

This idea came out of the realization that 85-95% of the world’s 100 million amputees lack access to proper prosthetic care and equipment while hundreds of thousands of functional but slightly outdated prostheses are being replaced and discarded in the United States every year.

At Penta, we found that we could resolve these two problems simultaneously by collecting and repurposing used prosthetic and orthotic equipment in the United States. In doing so, we would be able to clear the clutter out of private homes, relieve clinics of the responsibility of collecting unusable devices, and also bring the ability to walk, work, and thrive back to amputees all over the world.

Penta Medical Recycling formally incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in 2018, and has since turned into a global operation working with government health organizations, private and public healthcare institutions, and other nonprofit groups based in the US and overseas. Penta’s operations have expanded to 16 different countries across 6 regions of the world and continues to explore opportunities for expansion. 


To repurpose high-quality, used prosthetic limbs discarded in the US and provide them to amputees in need in low-and-middle income countries, helping them regain physical, social, and economic mobility.


Penta aims to become the go-to resource for the collection of discarded and used prosthetic and orthotic devices, ensuring that valuable equipment doesn’t go to waste and mobility can be restored to thousands of people around the world.
Anna Szczepanek
Executive Director for Penta Medical Recycling
As Executive Director, Anna leads the strategic growth of the organization, helps to form global and domestic partnerships, and works to achieve Penta’s mission of providing mobility around the world. Anna has over 10 years of experience in nonprofit leadership and global health, having worked extensively to develop and execute programs involving access to healthcare services in underserved communities around the world.

Jeffrey Woolverton
Director of Development for Penta Medical Recycling


As Director of Development, Jeffrey is responsible for heading up Penta’s fundraising efforts, ensuring effective positioning, leading board development, and expanding the brand to foster philanthropic growth. Jeffrey has over 20 years of experience in nonprofit management, utilizing his passion for creating vision, setting course, and aligning people and teams to deliver innovative fundraising initiatives. Jeffrey is also a former member of the Rotary Club of Duluth #25.