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SPEAKER: Astrid Yee-Sobraques – Oct 24
Two Sprigs of Thyme
Our Sep 14 speaker, Astrid Yee-Sobraques, created Two Sprigs of Thyme as a culinary arts pursuit providing personal chef services, specializing in healthy eating & the experience of well-being and joy through food. At the heart of her approach to cooking is the notion that loving-kindness is essential to flavor.

About Two Sprigs of Thyme
Two Sprigs of Thyme is a chef-owned culinary arts pursuit specializing in healthy eating.

At the heart of Astrid’s approach to cooking is the notion that loving-kindness is essential to flavor.

Two Sprigs of Thyme was born out of the realization that loving kindness is the essential ingredient to achieving great taste.

At its core, sensational cuisine is the transmission of energy from the Chef to the diners, and takes food types into consideration that are compatible with their constitution. Eating healthy can and should equate with appetizing food. The awareness that one has options for dietary restrictions eliminates feelings of deprivation regarding gluten or dairy intolerance for example.

Great cuisine uses quality produce and protein to create simple recipes that promote a connection with both nature and food growers. The excessive addition of certain ingredients, such as butter and cream, is often not necessary.

Lastly, sensational food fosters conviviality, bringing people together to share good moments, another must of healthy eating well recognized in Asian cultures.

In a nutshell, healthy eating is a string of decisions toward a more optimal life posture.

                                    Two Sprigs of Thyme
About Astrid Yee-Sobraques

I was born and raised in France where seasonal, organic and locally-sourced products abound. At a young age I learned the importance of healthy eating. More recently, I have discovered great substitutions to ingredients such as gluten and sugar, without sacrificing flavor and enjoyment.

As a professionally trained chef, I created Two Sprigs of Thyme as a culinary arts pursuit specializing in healthy eating. My desire is to provide the experience of wellbeing and joy through food. Just as one might feel on a delightful summer day sitting in the fields: time is suspended, infinite and peaceful; one feels restored and nurtured.

That sliver of time, taken out of hectic lives, creates an opening for reconnecting with the fundamental aspects of life:

       •   A sense of connection with others
       •   A safe space to ground oneself in peace
       •   Spiritual nourishment


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