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SPEAKER: Ferry Zandvliet – Oct 10
Looking for the Positive
In 2015 FerryZandvliet survived a terrorist attack in Paris. He’ll be telling us about how he dealt with this horrifying ordeal and then managed to convert it into a positive event and embark on a wonderful spiritual journey.


Ferry Zandvliet’s Story

My story is all about how the most terrifying ordeal made me a much happier person than I was before. That it enriched my life in a way that I would never have imagined. But something that everyone in this world can relate to because my story is just about a setback. And don't we all have setbacks?

On Friday, 13 November 2015, I attended a concert by the The Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan theatre in Paris. That evening 89 people were shot dead and 300 wounded. There were another two attacks in Paris that night. In total 129 people were killed. It was a night that changed my whole life. Chronic insomnia, hyper-alertness, anxiety and serious PTSS problems dominated my life since that night from hell.

I noticed that while my immediate environment became harder and angrier, I personally felt the opposite. The social hardening around me forced me to speak up; I refused to be angry with the perpetrators, nor did I let people scare me. A week later, I again attended a concert, and I formed an intense friendship with the father of one of the terrorists who blew himself up in Le Bataclan.

By letting go of my anger and not giving in to my fear, my life has been enhanced. It is almost a spiritual journey and an enrichment of my life. People in my country, the Netherlands, supported us following a life television broadcast with Humberto Tan. I will never forget the support from the entire country.

I have now started a support group for victims of terrorism in the Netherlands; have taken steps to improve the treatment of victims (something that was not there for us at the time), and am sharing my story. This has grown naturally. Talking about what happened gave me much support in terms of processing my emotions in the beginning. I hope that people realize that it is senseless to give in to fear and anger through my story; you end up limiting yourself… I should know! Come and listen sometime soon.


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