New York
Ronald McDonald House
405 East 73rd Street
Large Conference Room
New York, NY  10021
United States of America
CHANGE: Sock It to Poverty - Oct 24

Sock It to Poverty Project
Our Oct 24 afternoon meeting has been changed a bit to aid Sock It to Poverty, our benefit project for the Coalition of the Homeless. To ready the socks for distribution we'll be bagging those collected in the evening at the Ronald McDonald House beginning at 6:30 pm. Until then, we'll still be collecting socks & donations.

Sock It to Poverty
Bagging Day for the socks collected will be Thur, Oct 24 at 6.30 pm at the Ronald McDonald House, 405 East 73rd St., in the large conference room which is kindly provided to us by member and Past President RCNY, Rick Martin.

Please sign up as a volunteer at this link as other members in our club area 7 will be participating as well.  http://bit.ly/sockittopoverty

On Mon., Oct. 28 there are 4 volunteer spots on the distribution van which gives out food and the donation items/socks together. Since it is in collaboration with other district clubs we would likely only need one or two members from our club for this.

So in summary, I would kindly ask you to donate to this cause either by sending brand new socks (one size fits all) and/or making a monetary donation at the link below and/or furthermore volunteer for bagging the items, andwriting the nice notes to the homeless and possibly be on the distribution truck.