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ONLINE: Weekly Zoom Meeting - September 24th
Going Viral on Purpose
Today's speaker will be Pete Winters, President and Founder of Viral Media Fundraising who has worked on over a dozen campaigns that have gone viral.
Pete Winters & Viral Campaigns

Going Viral on Purpose - and its impact on membership, advocacy and fundraising

Campaigns that have “gone viral” usually follow characteristics that can be identified and replicated so long as the organization isn’t stuck to using old methods of communications.

In this fast moving description, Pete Winters, a marketing strategist that has been responsible for multiple viral campaigns, will describe why campaigns tend to go viral, why causes almost always fall way short despite their best digital media efforts, and what organizations can do to replicate the coveted “having gone viral” effect for themselves.

The benefits for the Rotary Club include:

   •  Opportunities for new membership including new younger members
   •  Greater campaign, advocacy, and fundraising returns for causes the Rotary supports, including international NGO's
   •  Greater impact for the foundation in terms of increased impact and P.R.


Pete Winters the President and Founder of Viral Media Fundraising has worked on over a dozen campaigns that have gone viral.

Pete applies a heart centered approach to helping nonprofits, causes and foundations to better understand what typically goes into viral campaigns, and offers professional coaching services to help them get into the best position to go viral for themselves.

Pete's alternative thinking media approach started back in 2001, which led to him becoming an international speaker and coach on the subject of the evolving cross-media world which today we know as digital media.

His clients have included self use, (having gone viral three times), Special Olympics, Public Relations Society of America, Where Angels Play foundation, several hospital foundations and numerous colleges and universities across the country, and numerous others from a cross section of industry verticals.

In his spare time, Pete is an avid cyclist, from the lower Hudson Valley, that enjoys uphill climbs and sprint finishes.

Pete Winters
Viral Media Fundraising
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