Rotary membership is a surprisingly cost-effective way (in terms of expense and time) for New York City business owners, executives, and professionals to get "hands on" involvement in our community and the world.

The Rotary Club of New York, like most Rotary Clubs, does not own buildings or property. Rather, we spend our limited time and resources collaborating with like-minded individuals, who are skilled in a cross-section of industries and professions, to plan and implement community and international humanitarian service projects. As such, our dues are very modest and are set to only cover our administrative expenses, and to meet our weekly guarantee for the meals at our meeting venue.

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP - Initiation Fee: $500 (one time only) Annual Dues: $785. Payments can be made annually, semiannually or quarterly, and credit cards are accepted. Transferring members do no have to be the one time initiation fee. Ask our Executive Director for details.

CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP - There are cost-effective dues for larger organizations and corporations that would like to join Rotary International. Please contact our Executive Director for details.

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