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The New York Rotary Foundation

Our New York Rotary Foundation allocates funds to support a variety of projects in the Community Service Division and International Service Division of the Club.  In addition, trustees may select other worthy charitable recipients to support as brought to their attention, but always within the limits of the foundation's budget.  The by-laws governing the foundation require that at least 75% of the funds are donated to charitable causes in Manhattan.


Our foundation was formed under the Internal Revenue Code 501-c3 and therefore accepts gifts that are tax deductible.  Nine trustees, who are all members of our club, serve for three year terms which are staggered.  Our foundation currently has about $1,000,000 in its "permanent endowment" and about $15,000 in a separate endowment which it manages.  Currently, the trustees allocate 4% of the principal for charitable giving in addition to annual donations from members received during the annual fund drive held in the last part of the calendar year.


All members are asked to participate so we can achieve 100% participation.  While any amount is welcome, an annual contribution of $100 is encouraged.  Many members give $1,000 to $2,000 annually.


The New York Rotary Foundation can accept charitable remainder trust gifts and set up endowments for specific purposes.


A partial list of grants made in recent years includes:


 ·  High School Scholarship Program (10 each year)

 ·  Job Shadowing for HS Students

 ·  Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

 ·  Police & Firemen Recognition

 ·  Chess in the Schools

 ·  English Speaking Union Judging

 ·  Endow a Tree in Central Park

 ·  Financial Literacy HS Essay Contest

 ·  Supporting Rotaract & Interact

 ·  NY Downtown Hospital Ambulance

 ·  Katrina & Tsunami Contributions                                    



The Rotary International Foundation  

Our contributions to the Rotary International Foundation provide funds to International programs such as year long Rotary Scholarships, Group Exchange Studies, Polio Plus and many more humanitarian programs.  See www.rotary.org/foundation.


Members of the Rotary Club of New York take pride in participating in the "largest, private scholarship foundation in the world."  We have many "Paul Harris Fellows" in our club plus sustaining members who are contributing toward earning a Paul Harris Fellowship .


To become a Paul Harris Fellow, a Rotarian must make a $1,000 contribution to the RI Foundation either as a lump sum or, as many members do, by becoming a sustaining member.  Sustaining members donate $100 per year.  After 10 years, a Paul Harris Fellowship is conferred on them.  Many members continue contributing and achieve multiples PHFs in honor of living or deceased family members and friends .