Established in 1909, The Rotary Club of New York provides civic-minded business and professional men and women with an enjoyable and organized way to make a contribution to New York City and to needy areas of our world. We meet nearly every week to plan community, and international service activities. By using our skills and expertise, members also enhance their professional network, career development, and cross-cultural understanding.
All Rotary Clubs are nonreligious, nongovernmental, and open to every race, culture, and creed. Our membership represents a cross section of local civic-minded business and professional leaders. 

Thanks to some very good fiscal management by our club's past officers over the decades, numerous enjoyable fund raising efforts, and several very generous donors, our Foundation makes it possible for us to provide "hands-on", as well as financial support to dozens of very worthwhile New York City organizations. We also conducted dozens of international projects, including the soon to be eradication of the Polio Virus from our planet! We are also very proud of our long-term association with our heroic NYC Police Department and Firefighters, and for their service to our beloved city. 

During the the 1940's, The Rotary Club of New York, as did many other Rotary clubs, played an essential role in building "the business community" support during the formative years of The United Nations, as well as in selecting New York City as the site for its Permanent Headquarters. In fact, our club's president in 1945, Luther Hodges, was invited to the "San Francisco Conference On International Organization" for Rotary's input to create the UN Charter. As such, more than seventy years later, Rotary International and its 33,000 clubs still maintains the highest consultative status as an NGO. In this capacity, Rotary International and the United Nations has built a strong and productive partnership in achieving the Millennium Development Goals, cultural exchanges, education, water/sanitation projects, and promotion of peace negotiations around the world. Our Club still holds an enjoyable and friendship-building monthly breakfast meeting with United Nation directors, administrators, and ambassadors. For decades, every year our club helps to host 1,500 Rotarians to attend  Rotary Day at the United Nations. It is normally held the first week of November. (Click the Link on the lower left for more on "NY Rotary and the United Nations"). We invite like-minded individuals to look further into a Rotary Membership. While membership in Rotary is by invitation only, we can put more helping-hands to good use.