Dr. Marya Ghazipura - COVID variances and outlook

Marya Ghazipura is an epidemiologist and biostatistician in New York City with nearly 10 years of experience in epidemiological consulting, evidence analytics, scientific advisory, guideline creation and evaluation, developing implementation frameworks, and working with other strategists to sustain improvements in complex health systems. She has worked with and consulted for scores of industries internationally, including leading large teams to develop clinical guidelines to be used by the Canadian government and medical societies; serving as a key consultant for the development of a common database for Gilead Sciences; collaborating with NASA scientists to utilize modelled satellite data on air pollution to assess health outcomes; acting as the primary scientific advisor for the NYDG Foundation; and co-authoring a textbook on hospital preparedness pathways and protocols in the event of an epidemic or disaster. She is currently serving on New York City’s COVID-19 Scientific Advisory Council to advise the Mayor on the latest evidence in disease evolution, treatment, and vaccine. She possesses extensive experience leading teams of major stakeholders -- including government, pharmaceutical, and medical -- to guide government policy and budgetary decision-making, clinical decision-making and practice guideline development. She is passionate about translating research into practice and providing decision support.