Can Rotary Help? In June of this year, more than 100,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine was delivered to Chad directed by the United Nations backed program. This program was organized to get the least developed countries a Covid vaccine. Sadly, only six percent of the vaccine, more than 94,000 doses  (94 percent) has now expired.

Across Africa, it has been reported that the vaccine donated to at least nine African countries were at risk of spoiling this summer.
It is always the distribution of emergency food, or medical equipment to the people of the villages.  The bottle neck is always getting the doses from the airports into the villages, and then getting those most-vulnerable residents of the villages vaccinated. This is true whether is the Polio Vaccine, or the Covid Vaccine.
The expectation of the “Covax Program”  a multibillion-dollar partnership of international organizations, managed by the UN to ensure vaccinations, has fallen far short of its goals. Can Rotarians, who have years of experience in vaccinations of billions of children, help? Maybe.