Christian Mambelli, Director of Operations Il Mulino Restaurant Group 

Topic: Future of New York Restaurants after COVID-19 


Christian Mambelli was born into a family with strong Italian culinary roots. He grew up traveling to Italy to visit his father’s family and was able to learn the culture, language und cuisine there.


He also developed a passion for culinary art as he watched his father work tirelessly in the business since before Christian was born.

Christian believes in leading by example. He is the first to arrive at a job and likely the last to leave. He started his career at the most entry level service position and has met and exceeded the goals of each of the roles he had worked since. Some of the most recent positions Christian has had the honor to achieve are Senior Wine Sommelier for Del Posto NYC, Beverage Director for Il Mulino Uptown, and General Manager for Il Mulino Tribeca. His current position is Director of Operations for New York for Il Mulino Restaurant Group.


Christian received his bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Monmouth University. Upon completion of his undergraduate studies he also achieved the title of Certified Wine Sommelier through the Court of Master Sommeliers. He believes his full comprehension of the agriculture in which the food and drink he is about to serve will help give his customers a bolder, more invigorating experience each time they dine with him.

Christian’s first priority is to make sure his unwavering love for food and wine will be passed down to the next generation. There is nothing more gratifying for a father, than to be able to pass on his own cultural traditions to his two young children.