Collaboration with Rotary Bergamo
On March 26th 2020 the first virtual Interclub was held between RCNY and the Rotary Club Bergamo Hospital 1 GXXIII. It was a spontaneously born collaboration due to the closeness of intent and feelings between the Clubs, as they are both serving in two of the cities most affected by COVID-19.
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Dr. Fagiuoli, Head of the Medicine Department at Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital, has made a complete report to the partners in New York concerning the events in Bergamo, providing important information about the emergency that is now also quickly taking place in the great american city.

The conference call between the two clubs later addressed the status of the virus in China and the relations between the USA and the Land of the Dragon. The presenter was Gordon Chang, well-known expert on China and columnist for the New York Times.

Over the Interclub, the two Clubs have declared reciprocal willingness to work together and make themselves useful in this time of great difficulties for the two cities, currently symbols of the COVID-19 tsunami, with the precise intent to activate, as soon as possible, initiatives in support of the affected populations and health workers in the two territories.

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This is a write-up of our club's collaboration with Rotary Bergamo published in L'Eco di Bergamo - one of the largest newspapers in Bergamo.

The article in essence states that through the collaboration of our two clubs is creating Rotary synergies of collaboration that can be exemplary for others in the fight against Covid-19. It also mentions our two Presidents Renato Vico and Larry Cohen and Executive Director Andreas Runggatscher for putting it all together.


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