Colleen Brennan Co-Founder  of the XO WORLD Project Foundation
April 11, 2024 Via Zoom:
Colleen Brennan did her undergraduate work at Saint Peters University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Ms. Brennan worked over 15 years as a pediatric oncology and ICU nurse at Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack NJ.
In 2008 Ms. Brennan became President/ Director of Operation International-Kids, a nonprofit medical outreach that provides free healthcare for women and children in developing countries. After Ms. Brennan experiencing and witnessing how women and children suffer in areas of the world where access to healthcare is often unattainable, Ms. Brennan decided to further her knowledge with the goal to develop sustainable programs aimed to improve the lives of those who are often forgotten.
Ms. Brennan earned her master’s degree in public health and Global Health certification from New Your Medical College, Valhalla, NY.
Armed with new knowledge and a deeper understanding on how to make meaningful impact, Ms. Brennan developed and implemented programs that are aimed in providing free medical and surgical care for women and children and implementing Cervical Cancer prevention programs that likewise include the training of local medical professionals and the improvement of hospital infrastructure through equipment donation and ongoing clinical education programs.
Inspired by the XO World Project movement created by artist Daniel Anderson’s passion to address Equality, Unity Peace and Love, Ms. Brennan and colleague Dr. Stephanie Cohen decided to expand their vision and scope of humanitarian aid by co-founding The XO World Project Foundation in 2023. Ms. Brennan acting as co-founder and CEO, is expanding the foundation’s programs not only to provide free healthcare and hospital infrastructure support but also to ensure equal access to clean drinking water, decrease food insecurity through dry season sustainable farming, and foster women's empowerment through education and commerce building.
It is the mission of XO World Project Foundation to improve the quality of life for women and children in poor underserved communities around the world by providing essential healthcare. Improving the quality of healthcare delivery by training local healthcare professionals and offering sustainable solutions for hospital infrastructure through program assistance and medical equipment donation. XO World Project Foundation is equally committed to combating the cycle of poverty that contributes to poor health by contributing material assistance to help increase access to clean water, sustainable food sources through dry season farming technology, and preventing cervical cancer and other diseases by and expanding community health outreach programs.