Promotion for Rotary Walks
On Aug 3, President Cowin met with Regional Governor of Gabrovo, Republic of Bulgaria, Mrs. Nevena Petkova. This was a highlight of President Cowin's friendship trip to Bulgaria to promote Rotary Walks and International Rotary Friendship.
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Visit Highlights

Governor Nevena Petkova of the Gabrovo region met with Dr. Jasmine Cowin, President of The Rotary Club of New York, on a three-day friendship visit to Gabrovo by Dr. Cowin. In the framework of the meeting, Governor Nevena Petkova presented the region with the emphasis on it's rich cultural calendar, which each of the municipalities feature. The senior expert from regional administration Michaela Stoyanova spoke about projects on nature, cultural sights and last but not least, Bulgarian cuisine. Dr. Cowin suggested that the regional administration become a member of PeopleMovers, the global community network.

During the meeting, a project, #RotaryWalks, initiated by the Rotary Club of New York was also presented to promote international visibility of local Rotary Club projects through walking events. It will be joined by the Gabrovskiyat club, which every year organizes tourist marches that are part of the national Celebration of Remembrance. #RotaryWalks' goal is to create higher visibility locally and globally for all the different project initiatives to be filmed and displayed on a PeopleMovers Board in order to promote and attract members and funding for local projects.

As a part of the  visit, Dr. Cowin visited manufacturing companies from the region in the spirit of Rotary means Business; the Museum of Education, the home of humor and satire; Mair " bozhentsi "; and emo " Ether " and Briar. She was shepherded by Rotarians of the Rotary Club Gabrovo.


President Jasmin Cowin with Regional Governor of Gabrovo, Mrs. Nevena Petkova

President of Gabrovo Rotary, Plamen Ilarionov - far left, Dr. Cowin - middle,
Rotarian Bobby Stoykov - far right

Governor Nevena Petkova of the Gabrovo region head of tables (Ctr), senior expert from regional administration
Michaela Stoyanova (L), President Jasmin Cowin (R)

Two members of RC Gabrovo, factory owner Kolio Yordzhev (L) and Bozhidar Stoykov (R and my translator) acted as guides.
Kolio and Bobby picked Dr. Cowin up in Sofia, and Kolio drove her back to Sofia and everywhere else.
Rotary means Fellowship - and Bulgarian hospitality is unsurpassed!

Run by Kolio Yordzhev, an active Rotarian, Sim - 99, his metal factory in
nearby Jaltesh, produces special-order metal parts.
In the stream next to the factory, you can see butterflies. The factory is that clean!

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