The Rotary Club of New York wishes all members, friends and supporters a very Happy Fourth of July filled with reflection, fun and family!
THE FLAG (by Michelle Selby)
Red for the blood shed in the name of freedom,
For which we fought,
Blue for the oceans of time we have crossed,
Remaining the land of the free.
White for the peace we wish to share,
All men created equal.
Stars to remember those who fought throughout the night,
Bravely for our land.
Stripes to remind us of the lashings taken by the Prisoners of War.
With a seal, in God we trust
We each are one of many, in which we stand united in brotherhood.
A symbol of pride,
A salute to those who died in the fight,
A blanket to cover us in times of need,
Waving high to show we are still here, undefeated.
With honor, you are presented to the world.