Honoring A Member
RCNY honors member Bolor Tumurchudur, formerly VP of Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar , and participant and strong supporter of #InMyScrubs.
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Short Bio:  Bolor Tumurchudur
Rotary Foundation, and Global Shapers (World Economic Forum) Alumna. Former VP of Rotaract Club of Ulaanbaatar; Chartered Secretary of Rotary Club of Ulaanbaatar Peace Avenue. Professional and volunteer focus of areas: Sustainability, Youth, and Women Empowerment.

She stated about the latest Charity introduced to us #InMyScrubs: “It was inspiring to see how fast and agile #in my scrubs team scaled the project in this hyper digitalized yet challenging environment within less than a month period.

In my point of view, we should engage them to collaborate to build best practices deck for campaigns, and distribute it to the NGOs reaching out to us. Based on my observation some of them (NGO's) just needed to learn from best practices, and synergize their work with other NGO's and leverage that within their communities.

To me #InMyScrubs team was extremely agile and outstanding towards project and campaign scalability and timeline efficiency perspective”