Tatiana Androsov - Guest speaker

Tatiana Androsov was born in a mining town in Belgium in the 1950’s, of parents who had fled the Soviet Union during World War II and who subsequently emigrated to America. She climbed out of Passaic, New Jersey, the daughter of immigrant factory workers, to the hallowed grounds of Mount Holyoke College and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. A child locked in all summer without anything but a typewriter, she blossomed. Understanding the true meaning of being thankful for a half-filled glass, she wound up the president of the Thanks-Giving Foundation. Tatiana clearly has lived life at both ends of the spectrum.
Throughout this journey, her main preoccupation has been the welfare of her fellow human beings and the planet we all share.  Going as far back as the “Letters to the World” that she wrote when she was twelve to the novels she created while a student, later as UN interpreter, UNDP and FAO staff member and C consultant in Rome and at NYHQs, and even during challenging missions abroad Tatiana kept writing. Now ‘retired’, she has published some of her work, including
1) Before they Cut the Ivy on an elite women’s college just before the Ivy League opened its doors to women; 2) Mangoes and Blood on an unusual international hostage situation; 3) Choices on an American woman working for the United Nations in Africa; and 4) A Question of Seduction Vol 1 Eros Vol 2 Agape on an international, intercultural, interfaith relationship set against inequalities in position, past traumas and changing world situation
Having witnessed countless warnings about the future going unheeded but also having seen what can be done when people come together, Tatiana looks for the opportunities available to us.  For her, many of these opportunities are to be found within the United Nations System. Though an imperfect system with an unusual mix of people, a motley crew, one which is not well understood, Tatiana is convinced that it deserves much greater support than it has had in its first seventy-five years.