Parasitology vs COVID-19
Featured at this meeting was Dr. Andrea Crisanti, professor of molecular parasitology at Imperial College London who shared insights from his work and fields of interest.
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Report of the Week – Meeting of May 14
by Andreas Runggatscher

The seventh virtual luncheon of the Rotary Club of New York in 2020 took place on Zoom on May 14, 2020. The second speaker was Andrea Crisanti, a professor of molecular parasitology at Imperial College London, who is one of the key researchers in Italy on COVID-19.

Dr. Crisanti spoke about a study that was conducted to assess the transferability of COVID-19 before and after the movement restrictions were implemented. The study reinforced the effectiveness of the movement restrictions on controlling the spread of the pandemic. Extensive testing in Italy has created a substantial sample size for these studies and has reflected a significant decline of the virus in certain regions of Italy.