China Overtaking America’s Dominance
Our October 15th Zoom meeting featured Sarwar A. Kashmeri, Int'l Relations Specialist, Author, Commentator and Fellow, Foreign Policy Association. He has sent us a letter with some additionally promised information.
        letter & info plus video of meeting inside.

Sarwar A. Kashmeri
International Relations Specialist, Author, and Commentator.
Fellow, Foreign Policy Association

Meeting Summary
Report of the Week – Meeting of October 15th

The second meeting of the month of October in the 2020-21 year of the Rotary Club of New York took place on Zoom on Oct 15, 2020. The speaker was Professor Sarwar Kashmeri, a widely renowned expert on Chinese American relations who advises several Fortune 500 corporations on their international communications strategy.  Professor Kashmeri emphasized how China has executed a global strategy and how the American mindset and foreign policy may need to adapt in a shifting world order.  
From an economic perspective, Professor Kashmeri started off by noting that current United States’ policy needs to account for China’s dramatic rise in several economic standards such as Purchasing Power Parity (PPP). Building off this economic momentum, China has launched a $1 Trillion infrastructure project named the Belt and Road initiative to expand its influence into 100+ countries in Central Asia, Europe, and Africa. While China has dealt with challenges in its financial system in recent years, the Professor noted that international development from new trading partners suggests a bright future for the Belt and Road initiative.
From a foreign policy perspective, Professor Kashmeri noted that a policy of containment is a difficult policy for such a large, prosperous country like China. With the increasingly apparent role of the Chinese consumer on the global stage, economic protectionism is becoming more costly. The Professor emphasized the importance for the US to focus on technology and infrastructure development while considering collaboration with Chinese firms in areas of mutual benefit and competitive advantage. 
While Professor Kashmeri emphasized his continued optimism in the US, he pointed out that domestic and foreign policy changes may be needed to adapt to a changing world in which China will play a greater role. While President Gerard Schriffen made closing remarks on the importance of America’s strategic planning process with the rise of China, Professor Kashmeri emphasized his belief that the US needs to be collaborating with China to thrive in the 21st century and beyond.  
Dear Gerard and Andreas,

Thanks again for that opportunity to speak at the Rotary Club of NY. Thoroughly enjoyed the time, the discussion, and especially the moderator! Honored by your giving me an honorary membership. So great.

If you do receive feedback on the talk please do let me have it. And if it is possible to send my website's to the participants it will be appreciated. Lots of information there for anyone that wishes to dive deeper.

Would also welcome emails from anyone who had a question to ask but couldn't because we ran out of time.

Had promised to send this book information:
"China The Bubble That Never Pops," by Thomas Orlik


Sarwar A. Kashmeri

Meeting Video: CLICK