Peacebuilding & Enduring Hope
Our speaker for Dec 12, Coren Jonathan Allen is author of “What if it Just Started Raining?” and founder of The Kambimbi Academy in Washington, DC, which he made sure was built with a passion to fight hatred and prejudice in every corner of the planet. He brings an extraordinary perspective to peacebuilding, conflict prevention and diversity education.
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About Coren Jonathan Allen
Coren Jonathan Allen is a native of Salem, Oregon, on the West Coast of the United States of America, and has experience in more than 29 countries throughout Africa, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Coren brings an extraordinary perspective to peacebuilding, conflict prevention and diversity education. The breadth of knowledge gained through 27 years of travel and work experiences has given him a unique and multi-cultural perspective that is now the foundation upon which The Kambimbi Academy is built. With a passion to fight Hate and prejudice in every corner of the planet, Coren is on a mission to celebrate human equality, by bringing a message of enduring hope to humanity.

A 1994 graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York, Coren is a retired US Army Soldier having served the United States Army in capacity as either a Cadet (student) or Soldier, since completing Cadet Basic Training during the summer of 1990 through January, 2016.

As a combat helicopter pilot, he is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and as a theater logistics planner, a veteran of Operation United Assistance which served as a vital component of the international humanitarian response to the Ebola Virus Disease, Crisis in West Africa (Liberia)

Additionally, with 42 months experience on the continent of Africa, he served on 28 missions in 10 countries facilitating the training of more than 10,000 Soldiers and civilians from the United States and 20 sovereign African nations. Training with Host and Partner nations ranged from countering violent extremism, gender based violence, to peacebuilding, United Nations and traditional operations.

About The Kambimbi Academy
The Kambimbi (African Rain Bird) is an emerging, global brand for peace building and conflict prevention.

The Kambimbi Academy is a comprehensive, international student partnership program whereby students in disparate countries participate in a parallel, dynamic, in-class experience with the intentional design of dissipating today’s clear and present Contagion of Hate and the influences of evil before they are translated into violence; thereby creating a positive shift in social norms, driving this shift to become policy and inciting the exponential, global reproduction of Good.