An International Affair
is the NYC-based, husband-and-wife duo of two award-winning musicians,
Taiwanese pianist/composer Sherry Shieh and Russian-American
cellist Adrian Daurov. The duo performs original music along with all the
greatest hits ranging from Bach to Billie Eilish.




Dedicated to all whose lives have been affected by the pandemic. This music was originally inspired by a spiritual poem REBORN and premiered in 2016 during a peace concert with 2000 audiences.

The journey of REBORN starts with a recurring melody (duetted by piano and cello) that transcends into a surprising higher but distant key at the end, symbolizing the rebirth of music and life.

The music is now dedicated to all in COVID-19:
Be strong. Be reborn.


Inspired by the first of J.S. Bach's unaccompanied six cello suites, CONTINUO is an imaginative take to de-construct Bach and give it a modern "face-lift".

CONTINUO transforms Bach’s harmony into an electrifying song which with every repetition takes the music into a higher level and eventually climaxes with a cello cadenza at the end (improvised by cellist Adrian Daurov). Its steadfast driving force gives the impetus to keep the crescendo of our lives going, never stopping or pausing, even in dire circumstances. The high-spirited brio of the coda reinstates the powerful strive for life with almost frenetic vigor.


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