Club Service

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Club Service Duties:


"Club service involvement is the best way to meet other Rotarians."


Greeters:  A members stands at the door and welcomes members and guests by giving directions and making everyone feel welcomed.  This person sets the tone of the meeting.


Introducing Visiting Rotarians:  As the "Host Club of America" we received guests from around the world.  Our visiting Rotarians are here to "make up" their missed attendance at their meeting.  Each name, club name, and visitor's classification is recorded and read at the beginning of the meeting.  The visitor receives a "Make Up" Card.


Cashiering: Selected members man the cash box and receive coupons and payment for the lunch of that day.  This team also records attendance.


One minute Invocation:  We are a non-sectarian organization but an important tradition is to open each meeting with an inspiring comment, thought or quotation.


Song Leading: Every meeting is begun with a song and must be lead by a member.  It is not necessary to have a "singing voice" but it is helpful.


Good Cheer Committee: Rotarians care about other members and the duties of the Good Cheer committee is to receive and announce information about members and their family.  When a member is ill, we circulate "Get Well" Cards or when a positive event happens, it is announced during the meeting for all to enjoy.