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How to turn YOUR great idea into a Rotary Club project


  1. Have a clear idea and discuss it with the appropriate Avenue of Service Chairman.
  2. Find other members who like the idea and will serve on a steering committee.
    1. "Four to six members are a minimum" size in most cases.  (Large enough to allow 'business' to continue even if one or two members are absent.)
  3. Develop a written plan and process. We call it a "One Pager."
  4. Develop a preliminary budget.
  5. Informally determine where the money comes from and that it is available, if required.
  6. Have the Avenue of Service Chairman submit it to the board of directors to determine a schedule, manpower and financial resources.
  7. Note:  Give your project enough planning time to insure it will be a success before it actually "launches."  Planning ahead is always a wise strategy.


Helping others by working on their projects is a great way to inspire others to help you with your project.  Reciprocal helping is also a sure way to enhance fellowship and really get to know your fellow Rotarians.