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RCNY is helping to make the countless dreams of education, health and community improvement come true for the children of Nicaragua. We have adopted a child through the Fabretto Foundation, Leticia Argentina Rivas Castillo.

As the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, Nicaragua suffers from severe and widespread poverty. Families are often not able to send their children to school because they simply cannot afford to feed, clothe and outfit them. Instead they must stay home to care for younger siblings, work on the family farm or help their parents earn a living by begging or finding other low-paying, menial work. As a result, less than half of Nicaragua's children stay in school long enough to complete the fifth grade. In rural areas, such as those that Fabretto serves, this percentage can drop to less than 10%, with most children not making it past the second grade.

The Fabretto Children's Foundation is dedicated to enabling impovrished Nicaraguan children and their families to break the cycle of poverty by offering programs that promote education, health, nutrition and community and character development. They offer hope and opportunity by making schooling and learning accessible to those who could otherwise not afford it. As students graduate from the Fabretto program, they are ready with the skills they need to find gainful and sustainable employment, thereby allowing them to pull themselves and their communities out of poverty.

The Fabretto programs are not a handout, as participation isn't based solely on need, but also on the willingness of each student and his/her family to make a serious commitment to the Fabretto program. The children must show up every day at their designated Fabretto center, get good grades in school, participate in all center activities and give back to the community. Parents and caregivers must agree to be actively involved in the program by volunteering with Fabretto and participating in health and nutrition classes as well as parent, student and teacher groups.

In return, Fabretto makes its own commitment to these children: a promise to be there to help them every step of the way --- through grade school, high school and job training. This often amounts to a relationship of fifteen years or more and requires a tremendous amount of reserves.

For details on the program or to make an online contribution visit the website at www.fabretto.org