Anil Srivatsa - Champion for Organ Donation Program - October 28, 2021 - 12 noon

Anil Srivatsa is a Rotary and Military brat and has found purpose in his life after a 30 year old checkkerd corporate and entrepreneurial career.  He now spends a 1/4 of his time in a year driving around the world championing the cause of Organ Donation with a goal of reaching a million people with this message of compassion and fighting fear for love. He has traveled across 44 countries by road telling his story to over 127K people via over 550 talks and spoken at over 100 rotary clubs urging them to take on organ donation projects. To facilitate this he has started a motley crew of 50 plus rotarians and applied to start a Rotary Action Group for Organ Donation.

Organ donation is a widely known but very little is known about it and as a result this life saving act of love and kindness does not get its due.

he is a World record holder at the World Transplant games where he won gold for Team India in 2019.