Benjamin Koenigsberg - Animal Rights

June 6, 2024 via Zoom

Through grassroots campaigning and engaging in one-on-one conversations with organizations such as PETA, Generation Vegan, and Animal Equity, Benjahmin effectively communicates the importance of moral congruency and animal rights, inspiring individuals and organizations to act more in alignment with their values. He is also a dynamic content creator for YouTube and various print publications, sharing impactful stories and messages to raise awareness, provoke thought, and inspire behavioral change. Additionally, he serves as a mentor, providing guidance and support to aspiring activists through Animal Activism Mentorship. Currently, Benjahmin is the founder and co-organizer for the New York City Vegans In Tech Meetup, a professional networking community with over 80 members that explores the intersection of technology and animal rights. Apart from activism, he enjoys cooking, watching documentaries, and being active outdoors with friends. Benjahmin’s Background Benjahmin is a native New Yorker, who has been a committed vegan for over 9 years and active animal rights advocate for 6 years. He is deeply passionate about ethics and personal responsibility, which he brings to all his endeavors. As a small business owner, he has honed his skills in entrepreneurship, marketing, and leadership. He has also worked as a client-facing healthcare provider for over 12 years, where he developed strong relationships with his patients and delivered empathetic care. Benjahmin has now transitioned into software engineering as a mid-life career changer. He combines his diverse experiences in ethics, healthcare, and technology to drive innovation and create a more ethical and empathetic future through his work.
Benjahmin's Speech Synopsis In this powerful address, Benjahmin delves into the moral necessity of embracing veganism and ending the exploitation of animals. Benjahmin passionately argues that the principles of justice extend beyond human boundaries, urging the audience to recognize the inherent value and rights of all sentient beings. With eloquence and conviction, Benjahmin sheds light on animal exploitation’s ramifications, compelling listeners to reflect on their role in perpetuating systemic harm. Ultimately, the speech serves as a call to action, challenging individuals to align their values with their choices and actively participate in creating a more ethical world for all animals.