Dr. Jeffrey L. Gurian - August 4, 2022 at 12 noon via Zoom 


People often refer to Jeffrey Gurian as a “Renaissance Man”, because he’s involved in so many things. He’s a doctor, lecturer, and motivational speaker, but he’s also a comedy writer, performer, director, author, producer, and radio personality, and not always in that order.   
Jeffrey is a former Cosmetic Dentist and former Clinical Professor at New York University in the Oral Medicine/Oro-Facial Pain Department, as well as a 20 year Board member of The Assoc. for Spirituality and Psychotherapy.
His specialty was treating headaches and the physical symptoms of stress,  often with a TMJ causation caused by clenching and grinding the teeth, using only “Energy Healing” to do so. (Bruxism)
He developed a technique called "STAR Therapy"™, a very gentle system of "talk and touch" used to treat symptoms like Migraine-type headaches, head, neck, shoulder, and facial pain. STAR is an acronym for Spiritual, Transformational, Affirmative, Resonance Therapy, using a Guided Meditation with music to alleviate pain and discomfort.
One of the few doctors with a long-standing career in comedy, Jeffrey knows and has worked with just about every big star in comedy and had a documentary premiere about his life in the summer of 2020 which you can see on You Tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7tSiROK60A
He’s also an author with eight books, the last three in what he calls his “Happiness Series”. The first two hit best seller status on Amazon. The third “Facing Adversity-Stories of Courage and Inspiration” was written during his recovery from a hospitalization with Covid Double Pneumonia and just came out recently.
The first is called “Healing Your Heart, By Changing Your Mind – A Spiritual and Humorous Approach To Achieving Happiness” which has over 260 mostly 5 star reviews on Amazon :
His second Happiness book “Fight The Fear-Overcoming Obstacles That Stand In Your Way,” was a #1 Release in several categories including “Medicine & Psychology”, “Attention Deficit Disorder”, and “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.”
The third, “Facing Adversity-Stories of Courage and Inspiration” just came out in March of 2022, and already has 56 all five star reviews, and is on it’s way to Best Seller status :
He also developed a cure for stuttering which he used to cure himself of a severe stutter and now he works with stutterers all over the world. www.stopstutteringnowgurian.com
He’s been profiled in the NY Times, been a guest on many radio and TV shows and often lectures on how to change your thinking in order to achieve Happiness, including a series of lectures he presented to the faculty and staff of Kornberg School of Dentistry/Temple University in 2021.