Loraine Sievers co-authored the 4th edition of The Procedure of the UN Security Council and is Director of the SC Procedure website (www.scprocedure.org)

RCNY International Breakfast, Wednesday, May 22nd, 2024 at 8.30AM

UN Church Center, 777 United Nations Plaza, 11th floor

Loraine Sievers co-authored the 4th edition of The Procedure of the UN Security Council and is Director of the SC Procedure website (www.scprocedure.org), which analyzes new Council procedural developments as they occur. In addition, under the aegis of the UN Institute for Training and Research, she provides training to individual incoming Security Council members on the Council’s inner workings. Loraine served as a full-time UN staff member for over 30 years, concluding her career as Chief of the Security Council Secretariat Branch. Prior to that, she served as Secretary to the Afghanistan and Sierra Leone Sanctions Committees, contributor to the Repertoire of the Practice of the Security Council and the UN Blue Book series, and political analyst in the Regional Affairs Division. She is an expert on the UN’s architecture and art collection, which feature prominently in her novel, An UNwilling Spy: A Cold War novel set at the United Nations.