Summary of the RCNY International Breakfast at the UN - April 25, 2024

At the April Breakfast meeting, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mr. Francis Dubois, French national, former United Nations official.  He was first stationed in Uganda, then in New York City before being assigned to the Palestinian Territories, where he served as Deputy Coordinator of the Secretary General. Mr. Dubois was then posted to Iraq as the Head of the UN Office (with the rank of Ambassador). Mr. Dubois shared his experience of living for five years in the Palestinian Territories, working on development projects in accord with the Israeli authorities. 
Despite the recent tragic events in this region, he insisted that hope should not be lost. The United Nations, together with the civic society, and all people of good will should work together to promote Peace. The values of the Rotary Clubs around the world should be and will be of great help in such difficult endeavors.
A lively discussion followed his presentation. 
Chair of the International Breakfasts Malika Abrous was praised for her great work in organizing the breakfasts (see cover foto).