Posted by Andreas Runggatscher
CSPAN Allows Citizens To Curate How They're Informed
Our Oct 8 meeting featured Joel Bacon & Jenae Green of CSPAN, who (among other things) explained that what separates CSPAN from other networks is that the network empowers citizens to view public events in their entirety.
        Full Report and Link to a Meeting Video inside.

Report of the Week – Meeting of October 8th
by Andreas Runggatscher

The first meeting of the month of October in the 2020-21 year of the Rotary Club of New York took place on Zoom on Oct 8, 2020. The speakers were Joel Bacon, who manages community relations for CSPAN and Jenae Green, who is a member of the CSPAN community relations team who helped coordinate this Rotary event. Joel traced back the founding of CSPAN to a need in the 1970s consolidated media environment for a news source that allowed the citizen to curate how they would be informed, which continues to be of importance today in a critical time in the nation’s history.

Joel started off by stating that CSPAN is nonpartisan and is not funded by the government. What separates CSPAN from other networks is that the network empowers citizens to view public events in their entirety. To complement their international news sources, citizens can watch unfiltered news from globally focused organizations in the United States, including the United Nations.

Funded by cable and satellite companies as a non-profit, CSPAN is driven by a public service mission to allow the viewer to leverage public service content in the determination of their viewpoints and communicate directly with leaders. Joel pointed out that CSPAN has been independently rated as a nonpartisan fact-reporting news source. Drawing on CSPAN’s history of nonpartisanship, the news network has adapted its messaging for newer audiences with digital media platforms, including email and social media.

Joel concluded his presentation by emphasizing the continued need for unfiltered news that empowers citizens to make up their own minds on current day issues during this critical time in our nation’s history. Going forward, Joel spoke about C-SPAN's annual national video documentary competition named StudentCam that encourages students to think critically about issues that affect our communities and our nation. President Gerard Schriffen made closing remarks highlighting the importance of primary sources and strongly recommended attendees to attend next week’s event on Chinese-American relations from a world renowned expert.